The fun doesn’t stop just because school is out! Our camps are loads of fun with upbeat activities and engaged instructors. 9am-12pm, Monday through Friday. Now with camps at BOTH LOCATIONS!

Registration is open for our 2023 Summer Camps and our VBS After Care camps!

Deadliest Warrior
7yrs and up
June 12th-16th - RICHMOND

Campers will get to learn about some of the deadliest warriors to ever exist such as Ninjas, Samurais, Vikings, Gladiators, Spartans, and Maori Warrior. They will train like these great warriors and practice their skills on the battleground of the martial arts mats!
Warrior Kid
July 10th-14th - RICHMOND
7yrs and up

Campers will travel through the story of Marc, the kid whose 5th grade year was the worst ever. From terrible gym and math classes, to horrible lunch times and a bully named Kenny, Marc is starting to hate school. But then super cool Uncle Jake, a real life Navy SEAL, comes to stay for the summer and Marc learns the Way of the Warrior Kid! Campers will follow along with story time and physical challenges as they become Warrior Kids themselves!