KATY Classes

For elementary through jr high school, we offer 55 minutes classes in Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing and Physical Conditioning.

The Martial Arts Bow – Before stepping on or off the mats, students must bow. The bow is a sign of respect, but it is also a reminder. It reminds us that we are here to learn and all other distractions need to remain off the mats. The martial arts bow is also a promise…we promise to care for our teammates and not hurt one another.

Mat Chat – Each week we have a word of the week that emphasizes the character traits we uphold at Strong Style. We spend a few minutes out of each class discussing our character traits, why they are important and share stories of how we either demonstrate them or how we can work on improving them in our life. While parents are normally not allowed on the mats during class, we invite you to sit in during mat chat and hear just how incredible your kids are as they discuss things like honesty, courtesy and respect.

Merits – We use merits to reward good behavior and responsibility in class. Students are awarded one merit at the end of class if they have demonstrated good behavior and have brought all equipment including belt and uniform to class. Every 15 merits may be turned in for a prize from our ninja surprise box.



Students learn how to use their body against a partner to control and gain dominant position. Jiu jitsu translates from Japanese as “the gentle art”. You may be wondering “how is this a gentle art?” In jiu jitsu, partners can “tap” to let each other know they cannot escape a technique and want to stop. This creates a safe learning environment for your child as they not only progress in their skills but begin to help teach students new to the gym. We rank children per the IBJJF belt system.



Your child will learn proper form for punches and kicks and develop valuable life skills, all while having a blast in the process! Our kids kickboxing program starts out with our basic skills program, teaching students individual techniques and practicing on bags or with an instructor. Our advanced skills program takes it up a notch with kids learning how to put together more complex techniques and defend against a partner. We are there each step of the way with your child as they advanced through our belt ranking system.


Proper form, balance, and coordination are important fundamentals for children to learn early. Your child will develop their physical fitness, agility and mental resilience as they gain knowledge that will help them for a lifetime. 



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